Magic! So it is...

I have been performing Magic since 2006 when I auditioned for a Magic Show and got working with Cahoots NI Theatre Company on The Hall of Fun: A Tour With a Twist. Being Small and nimble, I was put into a illusion piece called The BowStaff. In this show I got to work with and watch Belgian Illusionist, Rafael and was literally inspired by the wonderful and intriguing world of Magic.


Getting inspired

After this show I finished a degree in 2007 in Drama at Queens University Belfast and intended to go on and Act on stage. However at this time all local theatres had shut down for rebuilding so there was little or no work for performing actors. Luckily since working with Cahoots NI I began reading Roberto Giobbi's Card College and Mark Wilson's Course on Magic and practicing some small effects. I began to think perhaps I might try to put together my own Magic show for kids. How hard could it actually be?

My first Magic Show for kids was a nightmare. I left the house, my dad picked me up and I cried all the way home.
— Nikola 2018

Making Magic

It was decision time. I either had to continue and put myself in that situation again or just forget it and go back to the drawing board re my career. Thankfully, I chose to continue performing Magic. In 2008 I came up with FizzWizzPop as my company name and began performing as the only Female Performer in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Thus began the journey to creating an original Magic Act for Children.

Over the next 10 years I got some Amazing Magical opportunities including touring these wonderful Magic Shows; The Family Hoffamnn, Mathamagic, Lights, Camera Math and I-Predict in Tents, Schools and Theatres across Ireland.

In 2012 I was named the first ever Female Chair of The Ulster society of Magicians, N.I's longest running magic club.

In 2016 I successfully ran Belfast MagiCon, a Magic Convention bringing Magicians across the world to Belfast for a weekend of lectures and performances to inspire Magicians and the Public in Belfast and beyond.

Finally in 2016-2017 I embarked on my biggest adventure yet, Touring Danny Carmo's Mathematical Mysteries and Lights, Camera, Math across Ireland and then to America performing 52 shows in 17 states, driving 11,000 Miles across the country. 


"Though she may be little she is fierce"

So becoming Magic has really been my biggest adventure yet. Finally after all these wonderful experiences I feel like I am a real Magician. That might sound silly, but being in Magic is not easy and to add to this being a girl in Magic, well its unheard of here in Belfast and is a rare thing globally.

I hope that through FizzWizzPop I have helped set and raise the bar of Magic performance here. And in the future I intend to fly the flag for girls in the Magic World. Anything is possible if you believe in yourself. It's time I took Magic to the next level. Watch this space.

Nikola 2018