FizzWizzPop adds some extra sparkle to parties by offering Face Painting and Glitter Tattoo's.

Nicola is a Professional Entertainer that has trained hard in this Art. From 2013-2017 she was a member of FACE (UK Face Painting Association). FizzWizzPop guarantees to bring the best products she can find alongside the safest methods to your party/event. Nowadays, face painting and tattoo supplies are very accessible online. Over the years I have heard many people say...

"Face Painting & Glitter Tattooing are easy activities. I can do these myself at my child's party."

 However, what you get hiring a pro like Nicola from FizzWizzPop is her time. Patience, years of training, colorful creative designs and above all, for me, a special moment of interaction between the painter/tattooist (that's me) and your children. And the Joy on their face when they see what they have become.